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Ed's Arms and Artifacts for rare and invaluable items will get you exactly what you need in a jiff, with garunteed discretion. Items from all over the galaxy are available, from Weapons to regulated chemicals - We've got everything you need

We supply weapons of mediocre destruction, alien stowaways and certain investigative 'tools'. The rarer the item, the dearer the price! (Obviously)

For a limited time we are introducing original copies of leaked documents -Check them out ! Feel Free to browse our store - but don't stay too long, as to arise any suspicion.

Please contact us to inquire about availability and pricing as stocks don't usually last more than an hour - so get in quick.

"100% Secure and Private. Fast Delivery."
- Anonymous
Moscow, Russia


"សេវាកម្មដ៏ ល្អបំផុតនៅ ងទូរស័ព្!!!** នៅក្នុកម្ម"

- ជនបរទេស
ភពដប់ពីរ, ភព

Today's Deals

Symbiote Bio Fluid

A Blue Symbiote with a Glowing heart contained in fluid. Is able to bond with other lifeforms. Comes with free Test Tube. Host not included.

Test Element x53264

Nuclear Fuel on the Go! Great for recharging weapons and small ships. Very unstable formula. Always Handle with care.

200 Gigawatt Phaser

The lastest in disintegration technology. Overpowered Phaser in a small form factor, great for the kids! Fuel Sold Seperatly

Brain Implant XG3321

Implant from our Friends at MindMods. Overclocks a users brain by up to 20%. Includes updated "iSight" App, which adds Zoom, PowerNap and Camera modes.

Classified Documents

Stolen Documents from the CIA. Contains information regarding the Operations conducted at Area 51 and other UFO events. Includes Reports of Roswell and The Battle of LA.

Unborn Creature

Alien and Egg Sack from Dimension C-138. Of Unknown Species and Origin. Must be incubated to hatch. Handle with Care. Do Not Feed.

Dark Matter Breaching Charge

Powerful Satchel Charge. Great for knocking down Big Doors or Walls. Uses Dark Matter Technology and has an Area of Effect Range of up to 15m. Reusable if retrieved.

IR Tracking Beacon

Locate a Person or Object across multiple Galaxies or Dimensions! Never lose your keys again with the Infinite Reality Tracking Beacon.Includes disposable time crystal.

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